Commercial Real Estate Services

    Hay & Jones Inc. has a long history in Dallas real estate with over forty years of business experience. In 1971, Randy Hay joined The Harold Rubenstein Company whose focus was on property leasing and management. Shortly thereafter, the company became Rubenstein-Hay Commercial Realtors, Inc. and began developing commercial properties in the metropolitan Dallas area. In 1993,
    Hay & Jones Inc. became the successor company to Rubenstein-Hay Commercial Realtors, Inc.

    Since 1975, Hay & Jones Inc. has been engaged in the development
    or acquisition of approximately 25 commercial real estate projects ranging in value from $1 million to $10 million.

    The company’s “hands on” approach is to be actively involved in every aspect of property development from land and building due diligence to project financing through investment disposition. Projects have been successfully structured via joint ventures with institutional and private investors, and with tenants. Throughout
    its holding duration, each project is leased and managed by Hay & Jones Inc.

    Industrial Commercial Property Specializations:

      I.       Office Flex

      II.      Office Warehouse

      III.    Office Showroom

      IV.    Office Tech